Bugspad.org – Into the dev testing phase.

Am greatly excited, to tell that Bugspad has entered into the dev testing phase of development, wherein we would be testing it on my mentor’s server. Btw, it is not feature complete but you can have a first look at bugspad.org. As for the week I added the basic admin interface and added in missing features.

  • Added bug assignee and version tables, modifying corresponding tables and templates.
  • Fixed Null bugs, components, products editing page.
  • Added feature for adding in attachments to bugs.
  • Added dependencies and fixed the correponding table schema.
  • Added support for filling in assignee, dependencies and docs maintainer at bug filing page.
  • Added auto-comment on adding blocks and depends on.

Overall many features were added in. Now since we are into production environment, would love to hear feedback before feature complete testing can begin.


4 thoughts on “Bugspad.org – Into the dev testing phase.

  1. Hey there! Nice with the progress! May I suggest you make a test account and give out the credentials? That way it would be simpler for folks to play around. Just my 2 cents šŸ™‚

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