End of week 2

Week 2 comes to an end. There was plenty of things which was new to me. Upon discussing with my mentor, we decided not to puruse the OpenID as of now, which was what I mentioned in my proposal. It was decided that I start on the admin interface instead.
During this week, I did-

  • The basic CUD(Create, Update, Display) for the Bug was ready. Then I studied redhat.bugzilla.com as a reference as to how the workflow should be.  Now I had to make it into a presentable UI. My CSS/HTML is not state of the art. So initial attempts were’nt so good. However, I managed to give it a good layout to it in the end, and am working on the color schema and the fonts currently.
  • I studied the admin interface of bugzilla, by installing it locally on my system, and started working on editing Products, editing Components, and editing User, for the admin panel. I integrated them, and it is working smoothly.
  • I also looked at the bugzilla table schema and see how it can be improved, and added the versions tables for components and products both.

Currently my prime task is to make bugspad deploy ready ASAP, by giving it a good aesthetic look, and fixing logic issues if any.  And once deployed it would be easy to recieve feedbacks from the fedora-infra team and the community in general.


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