Hacking into Bugspad: First Week

So the first week of the coding period comes to an end. A lot was there to be learned. Before getting the hands dirty my mentor, Kushal Das suggested me to keep track of the features, you wished to have in the bugtracker. I made a doc, to keep track of those, where he highlighted any errors I made. Then, I implemented the basic bug UI for bugspad, ie pages for Creating, Updating and Displaying the bug details, alongwith the feature for commenting. And using the golang http libraries has been a treat, both in terms of the amount of code written and the fast and efficient code output produced. I also attended my first IRC meeting @ #fedora-infra. And it was great meeting and interacting with the infra team. I would now see if the features I have implemented work as intended, and also get a feedback from my mentor, before proceeding. Also I would love to hear some feedback from the rest members of the fedora project.


Coding Period Begins – Bugspad

Now I am into the coding period, the plan of the first week is to have a bug creation page, alongwith a page for displaying them. Have decided on the fields to be required, lets see what all changes need to be done to the basic code layout, that I planned in the community bonding period! #excited