End term assessment report (Past Mid term)

August 3 – August 9 : Addition of the methods to check consistency of basic GSUB methods for Basic Shaping Forms and Discretionary Presentation forms.

Added the support which renders a text by taking input from a text file and compares the bitmaps of the rendered text thus generated and generates the scores based on the similarity. To achieve this I have made use of the hb-view utility supplied by the harfbuzz rendering engine, as it is very easy to use and efficient.

August 10 – August 15 : Thorough testing of the script. Check whether the script can differentiate between any two fonts of the same script and resolve any discrepancy if any between the actual and expected results.

Tested my script, though the time taken for test using the hb-view utility is a bit more (1-2 minutes) compared to the time taken in other tests, but it is good to do for a start.

August 16 – September 1 : Documenting of the entire code, to enable other developers extend this by class inheritance for fonts of other scripts. Making the code look neater and ordered to enhance readability of the code.

I documented the methods used in our application, explaining what each score means, and also how to generate your own mockfont objects and use them in the application using mockify.py script.

September 2 – September 16 : Backup time for unexpected and unforeseen delays.

Though not strictly required by the GSoC, I had the privilege of meeting my mentor Shreyank Gupta and the Org Admin Sankarshan da, and it was a really awesome experience which not all gsoc candidates get. I had the unique opportunity to discuss the scope of this application, also stating them how important the feedbacks from a real Indic font developer would be, for it is for them that this application is for. Also I discussed with them the possibility of expanding the standards from one to many by making use of the CDAC fonts, which can currently be done by making use of the mockify.py script. Once I get the feedback from the font devs, I would be adding them permanently into my app (post GSoC).

P.S. Overall it has been a great and wonderful experience, and my mentor has been really helpful throughout my term, bearing with my mostly silly and naive doubts. Thanks a lot to Sankarshan da for
strictly monitoring my progress and giving vital feedbacks which were really crucial.


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