Long gap! Ready for initial testing

Nearly 12 days, since I last updated my progress. Sorry for the delay. Not to mention, I am had a wonderful during the time, meeting with some of my old friends and yes visiting some of my relatives! Yes, as far as FontCompare goes everything seems fine. I have added the unittests for every class and its function for myself to assess and set targets. Doing this was easy as I used the unittests module provided by python. So as of now my app is ready for initial testing(for Devanagri script.) Next 3-4 days I’d be working on using standard docs for testing, trying to improvise the glyph consistency methods, adding methods to test kerning and possibility of incorporating advanced usage based font testing.


One thought on “Long gap! Ready for initial testing

  1. Neat. Please use a new blog post to provide further detail about the features that you have included in this release, how to install and setup (if required) and, what font can one use to test the system.

    I have also responded to the list on your email.

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