Font Compare details

The application can be cloned directly from the git repository, using the command git clone upon your terminals (provided you are using Linux :)). For you to be able to run and test the application, you must be running linux, any distro. The software requirements include Python>=2.7 , PyQt4 and the Pillow>=2.0 library. You won’t be needing to install them separately as the install instructions say. Currently FontCompare can support testing Basic Consistency of Glyphs, Basic  formatting features of Bold and Italics, Basic characteristics of fonts such as underline-width, bearing, ascent,descent etc. Score Bars depict the overall score, while the text window shows you the detailed glyph-wise analysis. You may use any two fonts, one of being standard while the other the font under test. I have been using two well known fonts Lohit Devanagri and Chandas both of which are licensed under GPL.


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